About us

Why are we doing this?

We all know that hunting around for a financial product or a broadband internet contract which is right for you in Ghana can be a challenge, going around to all the banks, staying in the traffic, staying in the queue, that’s where Ghanacompares.com service can help.

Ghanacompares.com is an independent online comparison service, we provide customers in Ghana with the opportunity to compare quotes such as mortgages, loans, insurances and a range of other products. Our service is free, the user doesn’t pay any pesewas. We help the user to compare prices before they buy.

And at the other hand, GhanaCompares.com was founded to connect banks, insurance companies and broadband companies to consumers looking for a quote. Financial institutions, insurance companies and broadband across Ghana partner with us, to attract consumers looking for their business.

Collaboration Works

The foundation of our success is our collaboration with insurance companies, broadband and financial institutions. By working together, we are able to improve our service every day for the Ghanaian customer.

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